Thursday, July 17, 2008

I got back from my retreat at Pigeon Lake a few days ago. I had such a great time. Thanks girls and my awesome husband! I feel super recharged and super happy. I sure needed that! I would totally recommend that place for anyone that want to get away for a few days. When I have more time I'll post up some pictures of my trip.
Now back and everything is so crazy! Our renovations has gone above and beyond what we were expecting. It's taking longer then we expected. It'll be fantastic once everything is done, but right now all I got to say is Ackk! We had to move into our guest/mud room and eat and shower at my in laws place. I'm so glad my in laws are so awesome.
I won't be able to update as often on my blog right now, but keep checking once in a while for my updates on my house renos.

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