Storm in October

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Yesterday we had such bizarre weather. It was so windy throughout the day with hail and snow coming and going. The wind became stronger when the sun went down. It made so much noise and shook our house so much that I thought our house was going to fall apart. Around 10 at night, as I was in the middle of painting a drawing, the power went out. After a couple hours of no electricity the house became quite cold since it was -7c outside. We brought our boys in our bed and snuggled together. When we woke up I was so surprised that we still had no electricity. The house was unbearably cold now. We headed over to my in-laws for breakfast and to warm up. At around 1 in the afternoon the power finally came back on. So it was in total of 15 hours without electricity. I've never experiences anything like that. I'm just so glad that it wasn't -30c and we have our in-laws close by who have a wood burning stove. Now it makes me realize that we need to be more prepared for events like this in the future. I think we need to invest in a wood burning stove or a backup generator or, if I was rich, definitely solar panels.

Tonight Lucius painted for the very first time. He absolutely loved every minute of it. My little artist!


Rebecca said...

crazy weather huh? We were without power as well. Had the experience of -30 degree weather without a furnace. Totally would not go without a wood stove now.

Andronika said...

OH, you need to frame that painting :)
He is so cute!