Here to stay?

Friday, November 7, 2008

It's snowing today!

Haven't done much creatively these past couple of days. Just relaxing, spending time with my boys, and taking lots of pictures of them. My baby Aymeric has started walking and it makes me realize they are growing up just a tad too fast. Have to capture all these precious moments.

Here's some moments I took of breakfast this morning.

Aymeric eating his Cheerios

Lucius decided to eat 4 things of yogurt. That crazy boy!


...and some more dishes..

English breakfast tea.

Boys in the cupboards

Moments that I didn't catch:
  • Tears
  • bumps
  • and screams
Haha, My typical Mornings. I do so love them!!


Rrramone said...

Snow!!! I'm jealous. :-)

Rebecca said...

awesome pictures!! Those would make a great "day in our life" scrapbook page :) I'm perfectly ok without snow ;)

Andronika said...

Oh, he is walking!

I am so excited!