The plastic bag project

Friday, January 9, 2009

My friend/yoga instructor is opening up her yoga studio with a store that sells and showcases local art and goods. Her and I had this idea of clients coming in and dropping off plastic bags to be turned into usuable items. So, I've been busy fusing and sewing plastic bags into pouches and handbags.

Zipper pouch

Snap button pouch

I made some handbags too that I hope to post up soon and if you are interested on how to fuse your cupboard full of plastic bags yourself, Etsy has a fantastic fusing plastic bag tutorial.

Her studio and store, Thrive opens this coming Monday, January 12. Check it out if you are ever in the Lac La Biche area and drop off some plastic bags!


Drea said...

Those are awesome. And very green of you. :P

The Hongs said...

your talent always amazes me girl! love everything you're doing on your blog :)

Anonymous said...

I still Think this is the craziest idea in the entire world. Yes! going green is awesome!! Good job!!

Andronika said...

Nice, Mo!
I love it!

Hannah Shears said...

ok too cool... Love the bags... Can we start this at the center too?

bro said...

anonymous is me btw. lol! figured? i was on the iphone so it jumbled up on me.. but still.. these bags are awesome!... im still a little worried about the fumes taht youre inhaling. "bag fusing" fumes CANNOT be good for you!