Checkbook cover

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hope everyone enjoyed their family day long weekend. I know we sure did. After three weeks of being sick it was nice to have a weekend where we could actually go out as a family. We went to Edmonton to visit my family and our friends, did a little shopping, and ate at restaurants. Yay, a break from cooking! I am so glad the boys are healthy and back to normal.

Thought I would share this checkbook cover I made a few weeks ago. I saw a tutorial somewhere and thought I would give it a try since my checkbook cover was falling apart. Much better then that boring, blah, black plastic! I have to say it's pretty cute.


Hannah Shears said...

Very cute! But what is this thing you call chqs? I think you should make a debit card holder!

Drea said...

very very pretty!

muralimanohar said...

Very cute! I am in dire need of a new wallet (mine is a disaster..people blink and give it a second look when they see lie!), but just can't get my butt in gear to make myself a new one!

Enjoy being not sick! We've got it around here, and it's just yucky. :p