Thursday's Tots

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thank goodness for Mom & Tots every Thursday! The boys get to run off their energy from being housebound from the cold winter weather.

Does anyone else remember growing up and reading these Little Golden Books? I never knew they still made them until my brother bought some for Lucius for Christmas. I think I enjoy looking through them more then Lucius does.

I've been playing around with this awesome program called Poladroid. (Download it free on their site.) You can turn any digital photo into a polaroid. It's so much fun! I added the text using Picnik.

Tomorrow I have a sewing meet during the day and a scrapbooking meet during the night. Lucky me and Hurray for crafts!


Andronika said...

he looks so cute in this little thrift sweater!

Adrienne said...

Cool and very fun!