Change is good

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

So here's the new blog layout after some tinkering and sorts. Not yet use to seeing the new header everytime I open up my blog. I'll probably change it up once in a while just for fun anyways, but for now I'm quite happy with how it all turned out.

So finally getting some stuff organized and done, like taxes (boo for taxes), my kitchen pantry (yay!), and my craft table (I can actually see the table now!). Now I finally had a chance to bake some bread today and work on my next crocheting project.

My house smells like bready, goodness heaven right now!


Arizona said...

no matter how it looks it is still a great blog and one of my favourites :) and it looks fresh - spring is in the air and change IS good :) greetings

comedy blog said...

I love your header :-)

And nothing beats the smell of bread cooking---well, maybe bacon :-)