A disappearing act

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I am disappearing from my blog for a couple of weeks. My computer is still down, so no printable for the beginning of the month of May. Poo! Hopefully I can get it up and running and have a printable when I get back.

These couple of weeks I really need to focus on finishing up some crochet projects for the photographer friends and start organizing myself for the upcoming Diva Delight in June. Also, next week I'll be in Edmonton seeing my aunt and uncle who are visiting from Hong Kong. I haven't seen them for 6 years! I'm really excited!!

So, leaving with some photos of some crazy weather we've been having. Snow in April! It is strange for even us Northern Albertan, Canadians.

See ya in a couple!!

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Bro said...

see you this weekend :) drive safe!