Drawstring bags at AndNow

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

drawstring bag

Drawstring bags with four different original designs handmade and designed by me.

drawstring bag designs

They are now sold at the AndNow Center in Edmonton along with my Plastic Projects. Go check it out!


Rebecca said...

those are gorgeous Monita! Did you handpaint the design on the corners? I'll say it again you are so talented!!

bro said...

Sis! they look wicked! im so mad because i dont know where mine went!!! the tiger one! it was in the living room of mom and dads.. and i think mom cleaned up and forgot where she put it!! argh!! hopefully it will turn up soon!

i luv the designs! they are so wicked! lol i luv the mushrooms! hahaha

comedy blog said...

oh gosh these are wonderful!
I happened upon your blog by mistake, but glad I found it, such scrummy things