One busy summer

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Just taking a break from my busy summer to say hi and that I'm still here. It's been a summer full of visits from family and friends. Summer full of laughter and tears. Lots of outdoor wiener roasting, playing, pool splashing, and great conversations. Definitely a summer to remember. This coming Monday, Darcy will be driving his brother and his family to the airport. A sign that summer holidays are coming to an end pretty soon. We will dearly miss all of them, especially my little niece who is so cute and girly that loves pink, dresses, and tea parties. A pleasant change from a house full of boys. Haha!

The boys will definitely miss having their cousin around to run, chase, and getting into trouble with. Until next summer!!

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muralimanohar said...

Did you get to take advantage of having pink and frilly in the house, and make all kinds of cute, little, pink things??? :p