My summer find

Sunday, September 20, 2009

This summer I checked out so many garage sales. Hoping to find clothes, toys, and books for my boys, but I never in my wildest dream thought I would ever find one of these!

Vintage Singer sewing machine 1
A vintage treadle sewing machine with it's original foldout wooden table. It's a JB series, so I believe it's dated somewhere between 1936-1948. It is not in the best condition. There are scratches and the leather treadle strap is broken which can be replaced. I'm just so happy to have found one, I've always wanted one, and only for $25! Weeee! And yes, the lady selling it must have thought I was a little crazy being so overly happy over an old sewing machine.

Look at it's details, wouldn't you be?!

Vintage Singer sewing machine 2

Vintage Singer sewing machine 3

Vintage Singer sewing machine 4


Rebecca said...

very cool! I love antiques and this one is just beautiful!

RosaMarĂ­a said...

lucky you!! that is an amazing sewing machine! my mother had one like yours... i love antiques!

broski :) said...

*ahem... "Antique Roadshow" ;P lol luv ya sis! hahaha!

I Should Be Cleaning Up said...

oh my gosh, that is awesome! I really need to get up early on Sat mornings. My MIL found us a vintage (probably late 60's) typewriter for 5 bucks. I was pleased as punch, but I think you hit the mother lode. Surely those are worth way more than 25 bucks! My mom has one too, and I haven't figured out how to steal it and then ship it across the world without her noticing (I live in Australia, she lives in BC)

Came across your blog from the Living Creatively site...nice work on the bracelet!

jen said...

WOW, what a find! don't you love that?? anyway, it's beautiful.

muralimanohar said...

Gah..I have always wanted one of those. I refuse to buy one, though, til I am not going to be moving somewhere drastic, like overseas, which I keep doing. So, prob never. Cause the heartbreak of leaving it behind would KILL me!!

Jolene said...

My mother has an identical Singer she inherited from her Grandmother. She taught me to sew on that machine. Great find

Nikki said...

I'm truly happy you found this machine, as I found one exactly the same model & cabinet as well, here in Southern Brazil (!!). Mine is model JB too, and there are some parts a little chapped and the original golden decor is almost all gone. Please, could you by any chance take many many pictures from all angles of your machine for me to try to reproduce the original embellishments? Thanks for your attention.
(please respondo to