Friday, September 11, 2009

So we are back into the routine of things...well sort of...Darcy started teaching, early nights, chilly mornings, mom and tots, and piano lesson. So where in the world have I've been and what have I been up to? I've been moving all my art and crafty stuff all in my mud room. I'm planning to turn it into my studio. I have a lot of stuff as you can see. A lot of stuff = a lot of sorting = a lot of time.

Also, it's hardcore potty training in this house. Lucius is three and a half and still not fully potty trained yet. I know when he's ready he'll be ready, but sometimes his no's doesn't sound too convincing. And there's Aymeric, who will be two already this November, busy busy as can be. I'm crossing my finger he'll continue to take naps until he goes to school. Haha!

So I do have a lot of ideas brewing in my head. Just to find time to make it happen is another thing. Thank goodness I can still manage to crochet as I watch the boys. Thank goodness!

And thank goodness for Darcy's homemade multigrain bread. With some butter and local honey, it is to die for!


bro said...

2 loafs of the whole grain bread please!! lol

ivy said...

stumbled across your blog. love what i've seen so far! i so wish i knew how to crochet! the slippers are fab and i love that flower! (you made that flower too right?)