Country roads, take me home.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Home after a fantastic week long full of family, friends, good food, shopping, gifts, and good food. My stomach is so full and content with my dad's cooking, I am all sweeted out with sweets, and I am definitely all shopped out (Yes, I was one of those crazy people out there on boxing day). Speaking of shopping, I had no idea that they opened an Anthropologie at West Edmonton Mall. I was so overly happy and excited when I saw the store that I called Darcy on my cell phone. It's very rare where I find a store that I love everything in it. Especially clothes. Now I just got to save up because I am totally in love with this.

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Ellen said...

That is indeed a lovely coat, Momo. I've never been in Anthropologie for fear that I'll go bankrupt! Best for me to avoid that place, knowing how crazy I went in Uniqlo :P It sounds like you had a wonderful Xmas! I love reading your blog and seeing all the lovely things you churn out. I'm in constant awe!