That'll do, pig. That'll do

Thursday, December 17, 2009

The handmade bolero sweater for my mom this year.

Crochet Bolero

You probably noticed that it's not the same color yarn as shown previously here. That's because I got really frustrated with that pattern and time was ticking down too fast to Christmas. So I decided to put it aside, take a deep breath, not freak out, and go to plan B.

I found this really simple crochet bolero pattern at the Lion Brand Yarn site. So simple I made it in two days. It's cute and perfect for my hip mom. After the holidays I will go back to working on that original sweater I had planned to make. I will not be defeated! (pointing fist at pattern)

On another note. Thanks for all the love I've been getting for my Christmas gift tags from last year. Wonderful comments from wonderful peeps!


Rebecca said...

its gorgeous!! You are one talented lady my friend!!

Allen said...

sis looks great! i know mom will luv it! im soo impressed it only took you 2 days!

haha too bad i couldnt just do a dance for mom... my talents have gone to waste!!! *Note to self... dont ask mom what she wants for christmas... otherwise you get stuck with trying to find rare perfume, clothes or jewelry... hahaha. lucky for you, your present is one of a kind!!! :)