Crochet cowl scarf

Friday, February 19, 2010

Hi ya! Enjoying the winter Olympics? We are practically glued to our computer. We don't have cable or satellite for our TV so we are viewing the live online streaming Canadian coverage thanks to CTV. So lets just say not much is happening in the crafting and art department this week, but I still managed to create this cowl scarf that I've had in my head for a long time while watching the Olympics.

cowl scarf

cowl scarf

Sorry for the dark photos, been having bad luck with natural lighting and it's not easy taking photos with two kids running around playing with your tri-pod and trying to see if they can get into the shot too. My pre-cropped photos always consist of blurry little hands and chubby faces. Isn't it funny how when you want to take pictures of them they always runaway? Crazy kids!


Under the Ribbon :) said...

Hi :)
I Can see the picture what'd happened when u took the photos while 2 kids are running around.

Thank you for your printable cookies bag...I love it sooo much.
Tonight we plan to watch the winter olympic as well bcoz i'm glue to it too! even it's not kind of sports that tropical zone country like Thailand can play but there's lot of fun watching it :)

ivy said...

fantastic cowl scarf!! i wish i knew how to crochet/knit!
when i take pics of my projects, i always have little hands that want to hold it & pose with my "stuff".

Lindsay Bateman said...

oohhh...i LOVE that scarf. Do you do custom orders? I would love to purchase one!
my email is:

Mei said...

Hiii I love the scarf alot!
Can you tell me how you knit it o:

rose fieldings said...

I love this pattern, is it up for sale? I'd love to purchase it. Please RSVP,
thank you so much.


rose fieldings said...

Is this cowl pattern for sale? I love it. Please let me know how I can receive this pattern. My email is Great job!

rose fieldings said...

I love the cowl. Is there a pattern, or instructions. Please RSVP @, thank you so much. Great Job!