Feeling the groove

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Getting back into the groove of things. Trying to anyways.

Last week a few of us had the nasty stomach flu. Thankfully it wasn't as bad as last years and didn't last as long.

The winter Olympics are finally over. Did you catch the suspense filled gold medal hockey game? I was literally on the edge of my seat. What a game!

It is absolutely gorgeous outside. 5c today with a bright sun. Thing are melting and we finally see grass again. Hurray!

Thought I would take some random pictures today. These caught my eyes.
melting snow

red grapes

toy trucks

our crazy cat Einstein

Thai wooden carving


Under the Ribbon :) said...

Oh...I wish that the temperature in Thailand would decrease a bit to about 20c. Now it's soooo HOT here. Feeling like I'm melting now. I don't even dare to walk out into the sunshine at noon-time eventhough i'm not a vampire-type person.

Where did you get that Thai wooden craft piece? You'd been here before? wooow ... I'm so happy if it's true. How did you like Thailand? Then again, I'm so embarassed that I don't have one at home myself:(

Your cat is sooo luvly. Looks like it flicking out its tongue to the camera :p

I'm not used to Hockey games. We don't play here (of course)but had watched the news. Looks like you have a great time watching it. For me...what a fast sport! Congratulation with the victory in the Game.

Anonymous said...

i love the story of Darcy having to carry that 4' tall carving on his lap the whole flight!