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Sunday, March 28, 2010

I could definitely use more weekends like the one I just had.

Thursday, my brother came to visit for the weekend. The boys of course were super excited and happy to have their uncle around.

Friday, Darcy had the day off meaning more help around the house and a yummy homemade pizza dinner made by him! Not having to cook dinner is always such a treat.

Friday evening, I attended this fantastic scrapbooking class taught by Rebecca. She has all these wonderful scrapbooking layouts and ideas. I learned to use different tools and techniques I've never seen or done before. It was so much fun. Also, I won the door prize which definitely made my day. A big basket full of scrapbooking stuff! Woot woot!!

Saturday, Lucius' birthday. He is officially 4 years old. Wow, where does the time go.

Saturday morning, my parents came for Lucius' birthday and to stay for the weekend. Presents galore of course and not just for the birthday boy. For both, Lucius and Aymeric. Are they ever spoiled by their grandparents.

So it's now Sunday afternoon, my parents and my brother left, cake and turkey half gone, a bit of cleaning, boys playing with their gifts. It was sure a busy and wonderful weekend.

Happy 4 cake face boy!


Rebecca said...

wow busy packed weekend!! Glad that you had fun :) I so love the photos of your boys! They are so cute and photogenic!

Allen said...

The weekend was awesome! Thank you!