The Birds

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Well, not quite like the movie where they attacked people, but there were a lot of them outside our house when we woke up Saturday morning.

1, 2, 3, 4....sorry lost count,
and they were all after these little guys

fishflies as they call them here or also as known as Mayflies.
Thank goodness that they only last maybe a couple of weeks!! Those that haven't encountered fishflies before are probably asking, what's so terrible about a small little winged insect?

Because they come in numbers like this! Do I hear a ew? Yup, EWWW!
To get in and out of your house you close your mouth, plug your nose, open the door and quickly make a run for it to your car. Hahaha!

Eat the fishflies little them all!!

Lucius, using his utmost disgusted face, informed me that there was bird poop.
Yes, it's end of May and he's wearing his winter jacket. It was almost freezing temperature with the wind off the lake. Just glad we didn't get any of that snow that South of Alberta got.

Taking a breather and to say I'm still here. Been really busy sewing for Thrive!...Naturally, had a piano recital to prepare students for, Lucius with a dead tooth (poor guy), and many other things that's been on my mind lately. When is summer holidays going to be here? I can't wait.

Finding the key

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I had an opportunity to showcase one of my paintings at the local art show in town over the weekend. Most of the time my drawing or paintings are not planned out. An idea just pops into my head as I'm in the process. For this particular painting, I think subconsciously, I was inspired after watching Planet Earth's Forest episode where they take you to see the towering sequoias. I'm always so fascinated with huge, old trees. To me, they hold lots of mysteries, wonders, and enchantments. If only there was a way for us to unlock all it's secrets and stories of this earth.


("Tree" - acrylic)

Rainy days

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

It's been a rainy, cloudy, cold, and windy week here. We need the rain so I can't complain. Entertaining boys inside the house all day can certainly be a challenge. Definitely a much messier house, but they are having fun, I am sane (really? did I just say that?), so it's all good! Thought it would be fun to document our activities these rainy days.

Baking is a MUST on rainy days. Boys love to help with throwing the ingredients together, mixing,


licking spatulas.

Of course lots of playing,



playing in the play tent (or what's left of it after playing in the tent),

doodling, writing, coloring

running, jumping, screaming, howling, (photos not shown due to blurriness and craziness!),

sneaking outside to get a closer look at the rain, and squishing the cat because you just need to.

Oh, of course Pyjamas all day, incase you haven't noticed.

That's our rainy days, and I love them.

The reusable t-shirt bag

Sunday, May 2, 2010

On Friday and Saturday I had my eco-craft sessions at Thrive!... Naturally where we turned our old t-shirts into reusable t-shirt bags

T-shirt bag

all hidden away in this little pouch which is made with a sleeve of the t-shirt. I know...pretty nifty!!

T-shirt bag pouch

This craft was so super duper easy that some people made more then one in that one hour session. I always have so much fun doing these eco-craft sessions. Thanks to all those that came out on Saturday where all the proceeds went to the World Wildlife Fund.

T-shirt bag collage

R! R! R!