Rainy days

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

It's been a rainy, cloudy, cold, and windy week here. We need the rain so I can't complain. Entertaining boys inside the house all day can certainly be a challenge. Definitely a much messier house, but they are having fun, I am sane (really? did I just say that?), so it's all good! Thought it would be fun to document our activities these rainy days.

Baking is a MUST on rainy days. Boys love to help with throwing the ingredients together, mixing,


licking spatulas.

Of course lots of playing,



playing in the play tent (or what's left of it after playing in the tent),

doodling, writing, coloring

running, jumping, screaming, howling, (photos not shown due to blurriness and craziness!),

sneaking outside to get a closer look at the rain, and squishing the cat because you just need to.

Oh, of course Pyjamas all day, incase you haven't noticed.

That's our rainy days, and I love them.

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