Trois, deux, une

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Counting down the days to our summer camping trip. Darcy's last day of school is tomorrow then a couple of days to clean the house, pack and get ready to head off to BC's Thompson Okanagan region. Eeeek! So excited!! Summer is definitely here.

And my garden is definitely loving this nice weather.

Butterfly Wine Glass Place Cards

Saturday, June 5, 2010

I'm sure you were wondering when that Easter printable was going to be taken off the side there. Me too. Every time I go onto my blog it made me scrunch my face, but now no more face scrunching because there's a new printable!

This printable is just in time for summer. My version of those butterfly wine glass place cards you've seen at party stores, wedding blogs. Perfect for DIY weddings, warm evening garden parties, or because you love butterflies on your wine glasses.

Download them here. Print them on 8.5 x 11 sheets of regular paper or card stock. Make sure you set your printer setting to "Fit to Printable Area". Read all below first before starting because there are a few different variations.

With a paper cutter or a pair of scissors, cut the lines that are horizontal and vertical,

So you will end up with the four pieces of paper and the beginning of four butterflies.

Fold each piece of paper along the fold line as shown.

If you are using card stock. I recommend you to score the line lightly with an exact-o knife before you fold. It makes the fold cleaner and easier.

Cut the outline of the butterfly.

Snip out the center opening.

With an exact-o knife cut out the design.
If you want both wings to have the design, keep your butterfly folded.

If you only want one of the wings with the design, open up your butterfly first before cutting the design.

Fold the wings along where the arrows are pointing.

Again, if you are using card stock score lightly before folding.

If you don't like the whole cutting out the design with an exact-o knife business, because frankly it's a lot of work, then you can simply have the design as is.
Just make sure you fold the center the other way where the design is facing in.

Then fold the wings.

Place the center opening over the rim of a wine glass and...

Voila, enjoy!!

*All printables are for personal, non-commercial use only.*