Thursday, July 22, 2010

Quick, say that over again and again, faster and faster.

O.k. Remember last post I mentioned this quilting project I'm helping to organize. Anyways, we had our first meeting today and I learned how to use this Steam-A-Seam Fusible Fabric and for some strange reason it was a tongue twister for me.

So back to this Quilting Project. I was asked to help organize this community quilting project funded by Centre d'arts visuels de l'Alberta. The quilt was to represent the town of Plamondon, all applique, and when finished was to go on tour in all the participating Francophone communities. I've never done a quilt before, but I was still so excited to be part of this project. I get to learn about quilting and meet all these wonderful ladies with years and years of experience. Not passing up this opportunity for sure!

Tracing the drawings onto Steam-A-Seams using carbon copy paper.


Choosing colors

It was so much fun and these ladies made it so easy. Can't wait to see this quilt when it's all done.

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Jeanie said...

Those ladies sure know how to quilt.
I'm excited to see the finished results!