Mr. Potter

Monday, August 30, 2010

On our summer camping trip when we went to BC, we stayed in Pentiction for a couple days. They have this fantastic toy store there where I picked up this thing called Earth Buddy. I had to get it because it looks just like Mushy. Don't you think? Such striking resemblance.

It's basically like a Chia pet where you just add water and watch it grow alfalfa type hair out of it's head. "Ch-ch-ch-chia." So today I finally took it out of the package, give it a name, and watered his head.

Thought it would be pretty hilarious to document Mr. Potter's day by day hair growth on Flickr. Go visit him!


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Ellen said...

What a beautiful trip you, Darcy, and the boys had. I love all the photos. You have a gift for photography. I wish I could've had more time camping like you did, but alas work called :(

I'm looking forward to seeing Mr. Potter's progress! I got my niece Eva a chicken one last year and she named in Mr. Chicken (go figure). She was diligent in watering and cutting for a week, but then Mr. Chicken sat on the window ledge all brown-haired and forgotten. You gotta love kids. ;)

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