Our June, but blogging about it in August, summer camping trip part deux

Friday, August 27, 2010

...Part two... (For part one go here.)

We camped at various BC's provincial campsites along the way. They were clean, the park ranger were always super friendly, and most of them had walking trails with gorgeous scenery.

A huge pine cone I've found along one of the trails. We don't get them this size in Alberta.

Kettle River Museum. This was one of the highlights of our trip, it wasn't even planned and we had no clue about this place beforehand. We were driving through this little town called Midway and saw this cute little red building with the huge word MUSEUM on it. So we decided to stop, check it out, and stretch our legs. We walked in the main building and it was filled with vintage items everywhere! I think I did a little happy dance. Glad the lady at the front didn't see. Paid the $2 adult admission, kids free. Can this get any better?! It did, the boys were able to climb on various things like the old fire truck, old caboose, and touch many many things in the railway station. Very interactive. If you ever drive through Midway, go check out this museum.

vintage dress form. EEEEK!

I spent such a long time looking at every single box and can.

The boys loved this old caboose

Inside the caboose.

Whenever I complain about laundry, I'll just look at this photo. Bahaha!

A vintage poster for the Canadian Pacific Railway

I'm not quite sure what that is, calculator?. The boys sure loved being able to touch every single button.

Hiking on the Canyon trail at Kokanee Provincial Park.

A very gorgeous and very fast river along the trail.

Going deeper into the woods.


The Longest Free Ferry Ride in the world, a 40-minute scenic crossing of Kootenay Lake.

After the ferry ride, you drive a little bit to reach Crawford bay. Here you find several Artisans. I wish I had the chance to check out all of them, but because it was late and we needed to set up camp at the next provincial park, I only managed to step foot into Barefoot Handweaving. The bright colors instantly draw you in. I wanted to buy every single item in there, but controlled myself and bought this beautiful shoulder bag which I'll show in a later post. If you can't go to their shop to purchase their beautiful products, you can order them on their website.

Canadian Museum of Rail Travel, Cranbrook. This is an amazing, extremely huge train museum where you can take tours on three of their vintage restored trains. A must for train enthusiasts. Just don't bring two toddler boys.....ugh....if only we knew the trains were completely restored and you can't touch anything....ugh....especially after the very interactive museum in Midway where they were allowed to climb the caboose....ugh!! Thankfully we only paid to go on one of the three trains (Trans Canada Limitied, built in 1929) and came out with nothing broken, only a few white hairs.

Here they were showing the restoration process of the wooden panels. Year and years of work.

The details...beautiful details!

Can you imagine riding such a luxurious train back in 1929?

Absolutely gorgeous.

I can't wait to plan for next summer's trip.

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