Handmade by others

Monday, September 6, 2010

Thought I would share some items I recently acquired that are handmade. Sorry for the dark photos. It's raining outside today with a temperature of around 10°c. Feeling a bit nippy. I got my socks on and a cup of nice hot chocolate sounds pretty good right now.

Made by Jeanie Andronyk. I love her unique designs and if you ever get to meet her, she gives free hugs.

Darcy made this for my birthday back in June. I love it so much! I'm trying to convince him to make me an entire set.

The shoulder bag I got from Barefoot Handweaving in Crawford Bay, B.C. It's lined inside with a couple of side pockets. They had so many colors and designs. Took me so long to decide on this one.

Hope you had a fantastic weekend. It's long weekend here for us and we're enjoying every minute of it.


Jeanie said...

Thanks Momo!
The ring looks SO good on you ;)
Darcy is super talented too. Maybe he should apply for the Bison! <3

Ellen said...

That's a pretty rad cup Darcy made you!

And yes, Jeanie, your designs are amazing. Well done!