Monday, September 13, 2010

Today was Lucius' first day of preschool. I was nervous, a little sad, and all the above. It's only half a day, but the idea of not having him around all the time and me taking care of him is strange, very strange.

Here he is waving back at me because I'm frantically waving bye as I'm trying to take this photo. I'm like "don't forget me. You can stay home you know." And he's like "mom geesh, get a grip. You'll see me at 11:45."

There he goes off with Darcy to be dropped off at preschool. Super excited and not looking back at all. Bye my first born.

Bye, I love you

Bye bye...until 11:45.


Rebecca said...

aww I know its hard to let them go! But the simple fact that he's secure enough to say "Bye Mom! See you later" is a sign that you are a great momma! Hope he had a fabulous day!

Jeanie said...

Wow, he's so grown up already :)

quivered said...

Aww Momo, that must have been hard. I hope he's having fun at preschool though. I can't believe how big he is now!