Printable Halloween origami box

Thursday, October 14, 2010

It's been a while hasn't it? So just in time for Halloween, printable spider origami boxes for treats or tricks. If you know how to fill tricks in there, let me know! There is some crazy origami folding involved, but you'll get the hang of it after one or two attempts. If you can fold, you can do this.

Use letter size (8½"x11") white or colored paper. Construction paper or light card stock works well too. Just something not too stiff because you need to do a lot of folding.

Print the box top sheet from here and the box bottom sheet from here. *You don't really need to print the bottom sheet really. Just cut two rectangles 6½"x 5¼"(16.5cm x 13.3cm).

Cut along the lines to get the two rectangle sheets for the top of the box

and cut the bottom box rectangle sheets either from the print out or without(see * above).

With one of the top box rectangle sheet, have it face towards you upside down as shown in the photo.

Flip the sheet over and make sure the print is still upside down.

Fold the sheet in half

and in half again.

Unfold and you get three vertical lines as shown in the above photo.

This is a little tricky. Fold the right bottom corner towards the third vertical line with it's corner ending with the middle vertical line. Hmmff....look at the photo...

like so.

Fold the top edge down horizontally to meet up with the bottom right corner.

Fold the top again horizontally along where the top edge and the corner meet.

You should have something that looks like this.

Unfold everything. "Say what?" I know... just do it.

Now fold a line from the bottom of the third vertical line to the top folded line corner.

Like so. Then unfold.

Now do the same with the middle vertical line bottom to the corner where the third vertical line and top line meets.

Like so. Unfold

Again same thing, first vertical line bottom to the corner where the middle vertical line and top line meets.

Like so. Unfold.

And fold along the bottom left corner to the corner where the first vertical line and top line meets.

Like so. And yes, unfold

So your sheet should have these folded creased lines which we will use for our final folds.

Fold the top down once.

Fold the bottom right corner fold.

Fold the third vertical line up as you are folding the next diagonal line in.

To look like this.

Repeat with folds of the next vertical line and diagonal line.

To look like this.

And finally fold the last vertical and diagonal lines..

so it looks like this.
Repeat all the same origami folding steps with the other top rectangle sheet.

When you have both sheets folded, you are ready to assemble the top of the box.

Slide the two pieces together like so.

It should look like this.

At the top, slide the right edge under the left.

Shove it in.

In the bottom the left edge should slide under the right.

After a few shoving and adjustment here and there it should look like this.

Turn it over and you have the top of the box.

Repeat all the exact same steps, folding, and combining with the two bottom rectangular sheets.

Cut out that little printed spider.

Glue it on top of the box. I used these styrofoam 3D dots to make it stand out.
I think those plastic spiders would be fun too.

Add some googly eyes or other ghouly decorations.

Place the top over the bottom.
Don't forget to fill it with your favorite Halloween treats.

and Voila, enjoy!!

*All printables are for personal, non-commercial use only.*

Crochet pixie hat

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cute, white, fluffy pixie hat I worked on today for a newborn, or a smurf, or maybe a blue painted newborn. Ha!

Happy belated Thanksgiving to all Canadians out there. Hope everyone is stuffed with yummy turkey and had a wonderful, long, holiday weekend. Time to bring out the Halloween decorations.

Kitten cuteness ²

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

So we gave in and got some new kittens last week. Seriously, look how cute they are. We just couldn't resist. After Einstein disappeared before summer, the boys been wanting another cat for a while.

Meet Tif and Tondu. Named them after these guys. (Darcy's a huge Franco-Belgian comic fan.) So now it's 5 male and 1 female(me) in the family. How did that happen?

They are almost identical except that Tif has one white patch above his mouth and Tondu has two. Phew!

Gosh, they are so cute! Make me want to squish them.

Oh wait, there's Lucius doing that for me. Everyone wants to squish them. Those poor cats.

And this is what the boys been doing a lot outside lately with our gorgeous fall weather. They look pretty squishable too.