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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

So we gave in and got some new kittens last week. Seriously, look how cute they are. We just couldn't resist. After Einstein disappeared before summer, the boys been wanting another cat for a while.

Meet Tif and Tondu. Named them after these guys. (Darcy's a huge Franco-Belgian comic fan.) So now it's 5 male and 1 female(me) in the family. How did that happen?

They are almost identical except that Tif has one white patch above his mouth and Tondu has two. Phew!

Gosh, they are so cute! Make me want to squish them.

Oh wait, there's Lucius doing that for me. Everyone wants to squish them. Those poor cats.

And this is what the boys been doing a lot outside lately with our gorgeous fall weather. They look pretty squishable too.

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Ellen said...

What gorgeous kittens! Those blue eyes! That fur! No wonder you guys got them. I wouldn't be able to resist either...

Love seeing how big your boys are. I can't believe that's little Aymeric!

PS: Nice work on the new hat creations--they look amazing :)