I am Iron Man

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Lately everyday is Halloween at my house thanks to my parents. You should have seen their faces when they opened up these Christmas presents. I'm beginning to think that my boys were born wanting to be superheros.

Cracks me up every time they parade around the house with this huge Iron Man mask compared to their tiny bodies. They look like bobble heads.

Holidays were officially over on Monday with Darcy going back to teach. So back to routine and back to lots of sewing. If I don't update my blog for a while it's because of the big pile of fabric on my sewing table below.

I can't believe I'm posting a photo of my craft/work room on the www. It's such a mess. I thought about tidying it up and making it look magazine like before I took this photo but I thought the Where's Waldo like feeling of it was so much better. *cough..cough*


Rebecca said...

I love your crafting/sewing room!! It looks so warm, cozy and inviting!

Ellen said...

Happy 2011 Momo! Hope you enjoyed the holidays. The boys are adorable and growing so fast!

I love your studio. Definitely a place I'd love to be in for days on end. So cozy!

Sewandthecity said...

I love your crafting room, soo cosy with the wood on the walls and all the nice fabric waiting to be made into things...envious, who me?

Stephalicious said...

I love the room, looks a lot more inviting than the magazine pictures where nothing looks like its used